Best Headphones Features

First, with these best headphones you do not need to twist the volume to full, if you do not want to immediately spoil your impression. They require a thoughtful listening with a normal volume level. Yes, and connect them to a smartphone – not the best idea.

Favorite iPhone 7 Plus has never sounded so lousy.

Another thing – audiophile players. With Astell & Kern AK Junior and AK380 headphones are fully revealed. The highest detail, incredible cleanliness and sound uniformity. There is a feeling that the head has large monitor headphones.

Vega – no less steep and even more interesting headphones. The package does not differ from Andromeda , but the character of the headphones, materials and technologies is different. They got an 8.5 mm non-crystalline diamond driver for the highest speed of sound transmission.


These are the first earphones in the world with such a driver.

It is also the world’s first reinforcement headphones with all-metal casing of a special design with the best acoustic properties and a heavy-duty coating deposited by the vacuum deposition method.

The most powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets in dynamic radiators are the cherry on the cake .

The manufacturer especially emphasizes the natural sound of these headphones site , with pure ringing tops, detailed middle and deep bass. Things seemingly incompatible in one body. But that’s exactly how these headphones sound.

They are deeper and darker in sound than Andromeda , and in my ear, not so detailed. But these headphones can be quite listen with the iPhone 7 Plus and rediscover your favorite tracks.

A completely different character, a completely different sound. With the players their dignity is only emphasized more emphatically, but the handwriting itself remains the same. And I can not say which headphones I liked more. They are so different.

Instead of concluding

I’ll tell you honestly – I’m not ready for such a sound and such headphones. At home, I prefer a variety of monitor headphones, and for the street or city – wireless or overhead. Sometimes even EarPods inserts are missing.

But I understand the creators of these headphones. I feel, with what love for the sound, these models were developed in the bowels of Campfire Audio. I am very close in spirit to their products, and I completely share the insane love for the music of their creators.

I could not decide which of these headphones to buy or keep to myself. In such cases, you want to have both pairs, so that at different moments or different moods you can get exactly the sound you want now, and not be satisfied with something one.

This is exactly what Campfire Audio wanted to achieve . The sound you want to hear, and not what you hear.

I think they succeeded one hundred percent.