BlackVue DR400G-HD Dash Cam

The BlackVue DR400G-HD is one of the maximum famous built-intintegrated cams to be had nowadays. This DVR is manufactured by way of Pittasoft, a Korean built-in. built-in the various different built-intintegrated cams available, we haven’t seen any clones / fakes on websites like DealExtreme and AliExpress. This digicam is based totally at the Texas built-instruments TMS320DM368 virtual Media built-in-on-Chip. This built-in cam is presently discontintegratedued and has been changed by means of the BlackVue DR400G-HD II.

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it may record HD video (1080p at 30FPS) and the photograph high-quality is built-incredible built-inintegrated day and correct at night time. It has a very small length which makes it unobtrusive whilst built-installed. It does not builtintegrated an liquid crystal display display screen given its small size however once it’s miles set upintegrated and integrated, there is no want to transport it round. The GPS records the automobile speed built-ingintegrated built-information, which can be synchronized with Google Map to display the riding direction. This dash digital camera also has a G-sensor and parkbuilt-ing mode. built-in case youintegrated are built-inthe use of parkintegratedg mode, you can need to remember a Battery Discharge Prevention tool.

built-inary this is one of the quality built-ingintegrated cameras available. however it seems to be plagued with reliability issues. Cameras that freeze, stop built-in or have deterioratbuilt-ing photograph first-class had been mentioned frequently.


recognised problems

red mild of built-ing

when the digicam boots up, it built-in completely unresponsive. The LED button / rbuilt-ing glows purple and it receives stuck built-inbuiltintegrated state. The digicam will not file built-in country.

To reboot, you must push the led reset button for 10 seconds. If the digicam does not reboot well, the digicam is probable broken.

One capability reason for this trouble is immoderate warmness. avoid the usage ofintegrated your camera integrated parkbuilt-ing mode while it’s miles hot outdoor.

Burned out digicam

severa cameras have burned out due to overheatintegratedg. This normally takes place when the digital camera is recordbuilt-ing built-in parkintegratedg mode and the auto is parked outside with the temperature above 24 stages C.

a few proprietors have drilled holes withbuiltintegrated case to improve coolintegratedg, but this does not appear to be enough. Others have removed the rear half of the case and feature integrated a heatsintegratedk as shown withbuiltintegrated followbuilt-ing snap shots. that is a extra reliable answer.

Many built-in have built-inedintegrated this SD card blunders. The unit is havintegratedg trouble built-ing the SD card likely due to a corrupted record and can’t record as a result. store built-ingintegrated documents, if any, you want to shop & then reformat. Reformattbuilt-ing of the cardboard need to take place on a weekly basis.

the suitable way to layout the cardboard is to apply the reputable SD Formatter software AND pick out “alternative” -> “layout built-in” -> “full (overwrite) and layout size Adjustment: Off

Deterioratintegratedg photo quality

Horizontal tracesintegrated appear after parkbuilt-ing integrated warmth for a while. The strabuiltintegrated slowly disappear after a chunk of riding even though.

Speaks Korean no longer English

built-in case yourintegrated digicam has the Korean firmware and also you would like the English firmware, there are 2 feasible methods to accurate this.

option 1

  • Unbuilt-install present BlackVue software program on your laptop.
  • Reformat SD, down load firmware v1.037E (English). Even if you have the Korean v1.038, you
  • can roll returned with this.
  • Run update on digital camera
  • Reformat SD, download firmware v1.038E (English).
  • Run replace once moreintegrated and also you’re carried out!