Car seats for Infants

While getting a car seat for infants you need to consider a seat having a soft harness which should be adjustable for 6 positions and having an extraction pad for feet can be plus.

Infant seats, convertible seats, booster chairs, OH MY! It’s enough to create this mommy’s head spin! We all love our babies desperately and we understand just how important it is they have been in the right car seat, but these guidelines could be pretty confusing! As a mommy of four, I consider myself pretty well versed with all things baby-related, however in years past I often found myself stressing a little bit over my kids’ car seats. I can’t promise that this article will help you stress less (that is just what we parents do, correct?) , but it will hopefully help you to make informed decisions.

Remember, if this is all too overwhelming or if you just want help to evaluate or install your child’s car seat correctly, Tot Squad’s team of certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians can help you just book an appointment here.

Before I break this down, some reminders to keep in mind…

*Always refer to a specific car seat manufacturer’s instructions (check height and weight limits) and also to determine how to install the car seat with the seat belt or lower anchors (LATCH) and also a tether, if accessible.

Make sure the car seat you choose works in your vehicle. Some stores will allow you to test before you buy.

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Be very careful about buying used car seats or taking a hand-me-down. If you have to, then I recommend only buying or accepting one from a person you know and trust. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a secure car seat for the little one. . .you want to make sure the car seat hasn’t been compromised at all.

*Keep your child in the back seat at least through age 13.

Infant Seat

Many baby seats attach directly to your stroller or can be easily carried around. It attaches to a foundation that’s latched into your vehicle, so the seat can easily be taken out and in without waking baby.

Infant seats should always be rear facing. The typical age to transition your child from a rear-facing baby seat into a rear-facing convertible/toddler seat is approximately two years, but it’s really based on height and weight so you need to get familiar with your car seat’s specific maximum weight/height guidelines. The longer they remain rear facing, the greater.¬†See our website¬† for more info.