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other wellknown Immigration Myths

fable 9: “as soon as i have been in the usa for numerous years on a non-immigrant visa, i’m able to automatically acquire a “green Card” (i.e., prison everlasting Resident reputation).

The truth: in contrast to many countries, an character does not mechanically emerge as eligible for prison everlasting Resident (“LPR”) fame after dwelling within the united states for a certain wide variety of years. the us grants LPR popularity following approval of a subsidized petition or software procedure this is wonderful from the non-immigrant visa.

those subsidized petitions can be lodged by using positive usa citizens or LPRs, or by means of qualifying US employers. a number of unique classes exist to petition for LPR status and each category maintains its very own necessities and time scales. these categories commonly face better scrutiny and greater necessities by USCIS than non-immigrant petitions, and we propose that you seek advice from a certified u.s.a. immigration attorney earlier than starting off the process.You can get uk visa application status easily.

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myth 10: “i’ve stayed inside the US for the overall ninety days of the Visa Waiver application, but i’m now not ready to depart but. i’m able to fly out for the day and be able to stay for some other 90 days after I re-enter america.”

The reality: perhaps. whenever you searching for to go into the usa, a US Customs and Border safety officer determines your eligibility to go into the us and, if admitted, how long you can stay. prolonged stays of a range of weeks and specifically remains for the entire 90 (ninety) days accompanied via a quick go back to the united states may arouse the suspicion of the us Customs and Border safety officer. Re-getting into the us after a full 90 (90) day stay and brief departure isn’t always strictly prohibited, but the officer may additionally deny your access primarily based on suspicions which you intend to completely reside inside the united states, will now not go away with the aid of the expiration date on your I-94, or which you are undertaking unauthorized work even as within the america.

We recommend that you talk your need to remain within the united states of america for extra than 90 (ninety) days with a qualified immigration lawyer to decide if there’s a visa that may assist facilitate your tour to america for the duration of the 12 months. You ought to additionally talk over with an accountant or tax advisor acquainted with united states tax as you’ll be difficulty to US tax liability after closing inside the united states of america for more than a hundred and eighty days of a yr – even at the Visa Waiver software.


these are just a handful of the visa and immigration myths that abound in the public area, inclusive of on internet boards and chat rooms. Reliance on these myths can lead to serious outcomes, along with useless visa denials, invalidation of ones proper to go into the us at the Visa Waiver software, loss of cash and business possibilities or even elimination or deportation from the us. Even if you intend to address your visa or immigration matter on a DIY basis, it’s far pleasant to discuss with an experienced US immigration lawyer — if simplest to verify your knowledge of the applicable US immigration legal guidelines and guidelines. seeking professional advice will limit the chance of mis-stepping as you attempt to navigate the usa immigration minefield.