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A powerful electrical motor moves the workpiece into a continually rotating movement, which can consist of several thousand revolutions per minute. The spindle runs in precision bearings and is fitted with some means of attaching workholding devices such as chucks or faceplates This end of the spindle usually also has an included taper , frequently a Morse taper , to allow the insertion of hollow tubular Lathe Machines (Morse standard) tapers to reduce the size of the tapered hole, and permit use of centers On older machines (’50s) the spindle was directly driven by a flat belt pulley with lower speeds available by manipulating the bull gear.

This popular machine has been equipped with cutting-edge software that enables complex components such as bone screws, as well the implant and surgical instruments used in conjunction with these types of surgeries, to be manufactured with exceptionally high speed, precision and quality.

To setup the workpiece between centers on the lathe, a driving faceplate (drive plate) and lathe dog must be used. Metalworking lathes evolved into heavier machines with thicker, more rigid parts. These are manufactured using the superior quality raw material, these Capstan Lathe Machines have high chucking capacity and can withstand extreme working conditions.

Various combinations are possible: for example, a vertical lathe can have CNC capabilities as well (such as a CNC VTL ). The lathe speed should be set for a finish cut, and the feed is supplied by cranking the handwheel of the compound rest, thus producing a clean and short steep taper with an included angle of 60°.

However, the increasing internationalization of our platform means that there is also a large number of machines from other European countries as well. Set the lathe carriage stop or micrometer carriage stop at this point to reference for the end of the cut and to protect the lathe components from damage.