Medical and scientific translations: a complex and articulated sector

Scientific or medical translations are based on experience, expertise and continuous updating. Based on these factors we understand the scientific terminology in the source language and the target language fits, being able to operate in a vast sector, scientific one, ranging from medicine to engineering, from biology to Pharmaceuticals, from psychology to the veterinary, through chemistry, physics and many other fields of research.

Scientific and medical translations

Scientific translations must be performed necessarily by specialized translators. In fact, due to the industry technical precision, expertise and accuracy of terminology are absolutely essential. The goal is the clarity, the translator must be able to maintain even in the target language with the terminology of the field.

Medical translations-BW scientific Translations

Thanks to highly specialized and competent translators, we are able to perform translations of high quality level, ensuring punctuality, accuracy and a language register appropriate to the field of expertise. We cannot accept any translation error because we know that, in endorsements as scientific, can lead to serious consequences.

Specific areas of scientific translation

The experience gained over the years, allows us to create professional translations in the following areas:

  • Medical and scientific reports
  • Medical records
  • Certificates
  • Recipes